I purchased this truck March of 2001 In Tennessee.
The truck originally came from California the year before.
Since the truck was purchased I had the
170 cubic inch six cylinder rebuilt from the ground up.
The brakes and brake lines have also been replaced.
The transmission was also rebuilt along with the rear end.
The entire body was striped down to bare metal and painted inside and out.
A second Econoline Pickup, Spring Special,
was also purchsed to complete this restoration.
The second Econoline had a grate deal of rust.
However, the second Econoline had the
three piece side moldings and correct hubcaps.
All of the exterior trim except for the door handles was sent
out and completely pollished to look like brand new.
Future plans include finishing the interior and detailing the engine compartment.
I have tried to restore the truck as close to original as possible.
The only thing not original is the wiring harness.
The truck has been completely rewired from top to bottom.
I purchased a Painless Wiring Harness kit to complete the wiring