New guy from washington, and I need a helping ear
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Author:  craig [ Wed May 23, 2007 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  New guy from washington, and I need a helping ear

Hey everybody, I just purchased a 1961 ford ,3 on the tree econoline van. This bad girl needs some work to it. Amazingly the old girl started right up after several well placed curse words, I was told she had been sitting all alone for 4 years in a field , and she smelled like death warmed over. I am having some problems finding out info on her. For one thing she is missing a drive line , and transmission yoke. The yoke on this van is a slip on transmission yoke , THATS right a slip on , all the other vans I have looked at have a nut holding the yoke on, I am perplexed, dumbfounded, and bewildered. I was told by someone that the motor , or maybe transmission might have been swapped out? Now that just makes me mad!, I can't even began to understand her behavior. Any body out there in Econoline world have a clue to what I might have, or am I to wander the Earth aimlessly lost. I would like to know about the original 1961, 3 on the tree Econoline van. What size motor. Was it a 1700, or what?. The transmission C4, or ?. Then I would like your best guess on what transmission might be in there with the slip on yoke, or maybe you might just think its a different motor all together, and if so what size motor 1700, or 200. I think I have been enough nuisance for now, so I will let you go, but I will be back. You guys are my backbone tell I get this girl restored, and I appreciate all your advice, and best guess scenario. i can also be reach at crgcccorbin@yahoo.com. Thanks fellas


Author:  Jim [ Sat May 26, 2007 4:43 pm ]
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The 144 and 170 small six were the engines of chioce in 61. The three speed 'crashbox' (non synchro first gear) would be the tranny in 61 and the driveline did indeed have a slip on yoke for the tranny side. It will also have a stock small rearend most likely.

The 9" rearend would have had the u bolt attachment to the tranny you are use to seeing.

Congratulations on youe new van and welcome to the Early Econo experience.


Author:  EconoUSAparts [ Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:11 pm ]
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All 61 models came stock with a 144 engine and 3 speed manual non synchronized tranny. The auto wasnt available until 64 model year. The 170 came along either in 62 or 63. The 144 was a gutless wonder. No power to speak of at all.

Author:  EconoUSAparts [ Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:15 pm ]
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Dang,I didnt even see Jim's respone when I sent mine. To add to what he said the 9 inch wasnt available until the heavy duty models were introduced in 63 so it would be a small rear end you have.
If it were me I would swap out that tranny to a later synchronized version.

Author:  Jim [ Thu Jun 07, 2007 5:27 pm ]
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Hey Tim,

Speaking of full synchros. You wouldn't happen to have a small six toploader bell on one of your parts vans would you ? Also, do you know if Blue Oval (or anyone else) has a rear mount adapter to allow a 65 tranny into a 62 pu ? I haven't been able to get a hold of Sean - computers probably broke again.

Just full of questions ain't I ;-)


Author:  EconoUSAparts [ Thu Jun 07, 2007 7:03 pm ]
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Sorry Jim, I ve only got big 6 stuff right now. I ve sold several of those bell housings so they must be a bit fragile or something. Sean has the adapter you need . I bought one about 3 months ago. Try calling him on the phone. Thats what I always do. Seems like his email is always down.

Author:  Jim [ Fri Jun 08, 2007 5:29 pm ]
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Not fragile in my opinion but getting pretty scarce. Darn high scrap prices have lead to a rush to the crusher, at least out here and there weren't that many made, relatively. Couple those reasons with the fact that the Falcon folks have discovered them and 'presto' almost instant scarcity.

Of course, the fact I traded off one a couple of years back doesn't help much either. Another example of my best thinking :lol:

Thanks for looking.


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