Why you drive an econoline?
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Author:  SuperSonicFX4 [ Wed May 14, 2008 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Why you drive an econoline?

Per the subject why do you drive an econoline?

For me it is a couple things. 1st the truck was given to the wifey and I and 2nd she (my wifey) use to drive it to high school and she loves the truck. 3rd i like the style, differentness, and one off.

Author:  David67 [ Wed May 14, 2008 8:49 pm ]
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I told my wife I would like to start carrying a video camera to record some off the reactions I see on peoples faces when they first glimpse my truck. Some are just priceless. Especially the younger ones. Confusion, mostly on small kids. Some people just laugh instantly. Thumbs up....Its great.
I have had mine since 1989. Bought it for $60. I think the other bidders were metal scrappers. It was really rough. I got it on the road in '03. Now I drive it and use it for what it was built for. Also, I try to improve it all the time. Fun Fun Fun.

One of the funniest things I remember was The time I was in front of Lowes loading lumber. An older woman was walking by in front of the truck towards the store and she stopped, turned, and commented on it rather excitedly. "Oh well, Isn't that cute. I like that truck." She walked a few steps, turned, paused, "I like the color. That sure is pretty. What kind is it?" She asked. I told here. She walked a bit more, stopped, turned. "Oh look it says FOOD on the front! Ha Ha I like that." Surprisingly that has been the only time anyone has commented on the FOOD. A previous owner had replaced the R on front with an O. I just left it that way.

Author:  SuperSonicFX4 [ Wed May 14, 2008 9:26 pm ]
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Dave, who would of thought $60 dollars worth of "FOOD" would get you all that!!!! Thanks for the reply, I know there are more stories like this out there. Lets here them.

I enjoy reminding people of the all the modern things that are standard on all cars now a days and try to explain what some of the following are:
manual brakes, 4 wheel drums, manual steering, points, genorator, no a/c, leaf springs, solid front axles, single master cylinder, yet is a unibody.

Author:  SuperSonicFX4 [ Tue May 20, 2008 6:44 am ]
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We have 1149 registered users and only 2 people replied to this and one was me!

Come on econoline lovers tells your story even if it is a one liner.

Lets hear them.

Author:  PurpleTeamCruzer [ Mon May 26, 2008 8:34 am ]
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my very first post in this forums...seems fitting to post it here :)

i am divorced with 2 girls.. i met a gal who has become my one and only. she has 2 boys. one weekend last summer we decided for all of us to go to the beach, then we realized that we would have to take 2 cars...which sucked. so i went shopping for a van/vw bus. i wound up getting a bus and fixing it up. but the VW isnt very hi way friendly. she tachs like 4000 rpm at 60 mph, plus it leaks oil like a sieve. i had a problem with the oil pump on it and spent 2 days tearing it all apart and trying to fix it. turns out that they sold me the wrong pump. anyways i snapped and threw in the towel with the VW project.

i got online looking for an old van and there was one in all of socal for sale. my girlfriend and i drove the next day out to apple valley calif. and bought it. its a 1967 cargo van. it used to be a van used by maintenance at Cal state los angeles (you can still see the decal through the primer. and i ronically it was truck number 23...which just so happens to be my lucky number. it is alll there and original. right down to the air pump, oil bath breather, aluminum engine ID tags etc...

anyways my plans are to carpet all of it. i bought some bench seats for it and make it the beach cruiser / camp mobile.

i ll post pics as i do stuff to it.\


PS. here is a pic of the old VW


here of some pics of the new Cruiser.. a true diamond in the rough :)



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