Ole and Lena go for a ride
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Author:  skydog [ Sat May 25, 2013 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Ole and Lena go for a ride

Ole and Lena went for a ride in the country,ya.They come around a corner and there in the road was a family of skunks,Ole tried to stop ,but it was too late.Lena,bless her heart,made Ole back up,there was one little skunk left.Lena said"Oh Ole!We can't leave the little fellow there by himself!"Ole repied"Put the dam thing in the trunk then!""Oh Ole,it's too cold and dark the little fellow won't like it back there!"cried Lena."Well put it in the back seat then!"said Ole.Lena replied "Oh Ole,it's still so dark and cold back there!By this time Ole was getting worked up yelled "Put the dam thing between your legs then!"Lena replied"Oh Ole what about the smell!!??And Ole told her"Don't worry,he'll get used to it!!!!!" :shock: :twisted:

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