Ole and the mouse
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Author:  skydog [ Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Ole and the mouse

Ya,one day Ole was chasing a mouse around the house,he chased that thing into the living room,and what do you know,that thing took a bead on Lena!Sraight up her leg and into the nether regions!Boy,that Ole went crazy!He called the doctor"Ole you just settle down,get you a piece of cheese and wave around out front,that mouse will see and come out!"said the doctor.Well after he hung up the doctor thought better"I'd better go check up on them,that Ole he's not to bright!"Sure enough when the doctor arrived,there was Ole,kneeling in front of Lena with a can of tuna."Ole you dumb s.o.b.!I told you to use a piece of cheese!"yelled the doctor.Ole replied"I tried that,then that dumb cat seen the mouse peek out and now we gotta bigger problem!" :twisted:

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