A Turkey Tale
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Author:  skydog [ Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  A Turkey Tale

A young couple recieved for thier wedding a very fancy parrot.They brought it home to their little farm on the honeymoon.The very first morning when they woke up ,the parrot was gone!After a quick search,they located him in the turkey pen,screwing the hens!They quickly grabbed the parrot,threw him back in his cage,scolded him greatly to never do that again.Well the second morning,same thing!After getting him out of the turkey cage again and throwing in his cage the couple offered a threat,next time they would shave his head!Well the next morning out to the turkey pen again!Well they shaved his head,locked his cage,told him to behave.The couples honeymoon was over and they decided to have a party.They put the parrot on his perch by the door to greet the guests,telling him he had best behave.All was well untill a couple of bald guests showed up.The parrot looked hard at them and said "All right ,you two turkey humpers up here with me!" :twisted:

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