Come and get me Mom!
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Author:  skydog [ Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Come and get me Mom!

One day little johnny was at the back of the class fidgeting around so much the teacher had to investigate.There he was grabbing and itching at his crotch and thrashing around.The teacher asked him what was going on,Johnny whispered into her ear"I just got circumsized and it itches really bad!"he told her.She told him to go to the principals office and call his mother to do something about it.Well 10 minutes later,Johnny comes back to class and almost immedatily the other kids gather around him and look!The teacher goes back to look again,and there's Johnny with his peter hanging outside his pants!The teacher shouted"Johnny what are you doing?!!"Johnny replied"I called my mom like you said,she told me if I could stick it out till noon ,she'd come and get me!!!!" :twisted:

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