A Trip In The Country
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Author:  skydog [ Wed Mar 12, 2014 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  A Trip In The Country

Was out driving around out in the country,going real slow,enjoying the scenes.To my suprize,when I looked over there was a three legged chicken running beside me!Yep...a three legged chicken!After my shock wore off i speed up a bit so I wouldn't run it over,and it kept pace right beside me.I was just about to speed up some more when the chicken ran into a farmyard FULL of three legged chickens.Well being curious,I circled back to see what the deal was.Well that farmer came out to greet me and I asked him about the chickens."Well there's me,my wife and my boy here,we all drumsticks but there's only two on a chicken.We's allways fighting over who gets a leg,so we had these chickens geniticly altered so' there'd be three legs,one for each of us.""That's pretty smart!Hiow do they taste?"I replied"Don't know!" the farmer exclaimed"Their so fast we ain't never caught one!" :twisted:

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