Childhood conditions
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Author:  skydog [ Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Childhood conditions

A man got a nice female up to his hotel room.Things was going pretty good,relaxed,the man took off his shoes and socks.The lady looked down and exclaimed"My god what happened to your feet?!!!"The man replied"When I was a child,I had toelio."the lady said"You must meah polio"No toelio,completly diffirent he replied.She let that pass.Pretty soon he took off his trousers,the lady looked down and cried"My god what happened to your knee's?!!!"He repied "When I was a child I had the kneeasles."She said "You mean the measles"No" he repied"the kneeasles, completly diffirent"Well she let that pass and thing progressed,pretty soon the man lowered his shorts.The lady looked and started to laugh uncontrolably"I get it SMALL COX" :shock: :lol:

Don't got a van no mores, :? hope ya guys don't mind a joke every now and then :mrgreen: :twisted:

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