OK, I have the truck, now what?
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Author:  Swifty [ Thu Jan 18, 2007 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  OK, I have the truck, now what?

So as I posted elsewhere I closed the deal on a 62 Econoline PU today. I have a 200 C.I. I6 that I will be using and hope to add a C4. Question is after having a look at the stock setup I am left wondering how I am gonna fit The C4. Looks like I need a substantial cross member. Is there something available? If so where/who? If not does anyone have a drawing/template so that I can fab one? This can't be the first time this has been done. While I am on the subject or drivetrain anyone tried to install an aluminum crossflow Griffin into one of these? Got one and I would sure like to use it. Looks about 1.5 inches wider then the stock item, fabricating isn't an issue. :?:

Author:  Swifty [ Fri Jan 19, 2007 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Manual trans/C4 swap

Seeing as I haven't received any response to my inquiry re. a C$ crossmember and after veiwing the post re. an Econoline C4 I am assuming that typically folks use a C4 from an Econoline. It does seem logical to avoid extensive fabbing. But I haven't a clue re. these transmissions. What years were they available in? Is it a bolt-in swap for my truck, or will I have to do some fabrication anyway? To be honest every Econoline I have ever seen has been a manual trans. Makes me think it might be difficult to locate such an item. I really want the C4 as I cannot see a lot of other viable choices. The 3 speed that is in there probably isn't all-syncro, and obviously trying to install any other manual trans is going to be difficult if not impossible. Column shifters suck anyway. So any suggestions? Anyone have a C4 that will bolt to my 200 and make an easy fit?Wanna sell it? I have the small bellhousing, just need the trans. Otherwise I am gonna try fabbing my own crossmember.
Thanks for viewing my post. Swifty

Author:  econoaddict [ Tue Jan 23, 2007 9:19 pm ]
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The C4 that is made to fit econo's has a hanger type mount, your best bet to finding one is to hit the wrecking yards. As for the building of a crossmember and using the trans you have, you can do this BUT it is a longer trans....resulting in a shorter driveline.
This is not recommended by most but from personal experience can be run with no issues if the driveline angles are setup correctly.
I have ran a standard C4 behind a very very stout 289 with no problems at all, this econo was ran at the drags and pushed hard on the street.
If things are not set up correctly it will result in a big mess :shock:

Author:  Jim [ Thu Jan 25, 2007 6:45 pm ]
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1964 Econo C4 should bolt in easy behind the 200. Pretty hard to find but that would be my first choice. As Dean sez the car trannies will work with the proper setup and use of 4x4 knuckles.


Author:  Swifty [ Thu Jan 25, 2007 7:20 pm ]
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I am leaning hard toward a C4 car trans coupled to an 8.8 out of a granada I bought primarily for it's disc brakes. I like the 8.8 for parts availability, sturdiness, big brakes and the fact that I can use the driveshaft once it is sized. Building a crossmemeber doesn't seem to difficult. Setting the pinion shaft angle seems doable. Don't know why the 4X4 u-joints are necessary? I want to use a crated C4, probably from Summit Racing. I am big on sanitary swaps, new u-joints etc. I have some nice stuff such as a new Griffen radiator. Does anyone know which one of Clifford Performance's split manifolds fits best in the 62 doghouse? Another nice aspect of the Granada is that the spring pads are already on the bottom for the axle over spring thing. Although it is entirely possible that i will have to relocate the spring pads. It looks to me as though the 62's axle is wider then one on an early Falcon, the Granada is a direct swap for a Falcon (actually a little wider past the spring pads)here's hoping :shock:I'm not headed for trouble.

Author:  66 surfin [ Fri Jan 26, 2007 8:16 pm ]
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I have a trans out of a 65 econoline , c-4 if you need one, it will make life much easier. I have used a c-6 in mine and built a crossmember with no problems, also used a AOD trans for the overdrive and just fabricated a mount for the throttle pressure, worked alot better with the AOD. I ran a 300 and , used the offenhouser dual port intake with a Holly 600 mechanical carb.,Hooker dual headers,240 head,crower 528 lift cam,100hp NOS , and 3.55 gears,msd ign.,and the c-6 with the stock converter and ran consistent 14.01 at 101 mph, it was a real blast using the 6cyl. Hope you find all the parts you need locally. Glenn in PA.

Author:  65inprogress [ Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:58 pm ]
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I know this thread is almost a year old. But just wanted to ask 66 Surfin if the C4 is still available?

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