New guy from washington, and I need a helping ear
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Author:  craig [ Wed May 23, 2007 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  New guy from washington, and I need a helping ear

Hey everybody, I just purchased a 1961 ford ,3 on the tree econoline van. This bad girl needs some work to it. Amazingly the old girl started right up after several well placed curse words, I was told she had been sitting all alone for 4 years in a field , and she smelled like death warmed over. I am having some problems finding out info on her. For one thing she is missing a drive line , and transmission yoke. The yoke on this van is a slip on transmission yoke , THATS right a slip on , all the other vans I have looked at have a nut holding the yoke on, I am perplexed, dumbfounded, and bewildered. I was told by someone that the motor , or maybe transmission might have been swapped out? Now that just makes me mad!, I can't even began to understand her behavior. Any body out there in Econoline world have a clue to what I might have, or am I to wonder the Earth aimlessly lost. I would like to know about the original 1961, 3 on the tree Econoline van. What size motor. Was it a 1700, or what?. The transmission C4, or ?. Then I would like your best guess on what transmission might be in there with the slip on yoke, or maybe you might just think its a different motor all together, and if so what size motor 1700, or 200. I think I have been enough nuisance for now, so I will let you go, but I will be back. You guys are my backbone tell I get this girl restored, and I appreciate all your advice, and best guess scenario. i can also be reach at crgcccorbin@yahoo.com. Thanks fellas


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