WTH...180 lb weight under my van???
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Author:  PurpleTeamCruzer [ Sat May 16, 2009 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  WTH...180 lb weight under my van???

i pulled the gas tank to make another one because it is full of rust and noticed a big ass chuck of cast iron bolted to the bottom of the floor board. is that there simply to put some weight on the rear axle to prevent rear wheel lock up?

Author:  sasktrini [ Mon May 18, 2009 1:58 pm ]
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I'm sure it would mess up the handling and balance if you removed it.

I wonder what the difference in rear axle assembly weight is between the peanut and a 9"... possible if the 9" is much heavier that you could remove it, but I still wouldn't mess with removing the weight.


Author:  PurpleTeamCruzer [ Mon May 18, 2009 7:58 pm ]
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lol....too late. but i pulled it because im building a big bullet proof 23 gallon fuel tank to replace the old one. its pretty freaking heavy...im thinking with a full tank of gas it will be just like i still have it in there.

thanks for the reply

Author:  VanMan [ Mon May 18, 2009 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  165 lb counter weight

its the same weight as the motor... designed to be weighted evenly for better handling. No matter what axle is under your van, it doesnt add any weight. There needs to be weight pushing down upon the axle. axles dont add weight, seeing it is rolling on the ground. the weight is relieved and the axle is resting. I've got mine off right now, but im gonna add some crossmembers in the back in between the frame rails and sub-frame rails to compensate for the weight lost... and to stiffen up the frame a little, after all it is just a uni-body. My ultimate goal is to have my van 4 wheel drive. i wanna build a rolling chassis out of 11guage 2x4 rectangular tubing and have a 31 spline ford 9" in the rear and a close knuckled dana 44 up front. still to figure out the transfer case. just dreaming. I wanna keep the 144 I-6

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Author:  EconoUSAparts [ Thu May 21, 2009 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Counterweight

There are 3 different weight counterweights ranging roughly from 125 to 175 lbs. each. They are used on short vans and pickups only. Supervans dont have them. While Im not certain of each application I speculate the first ones(I ll guess roughly at each weight) were lightweight(125) on vans and heavier(150) on pickups since pickup rears are lighter than vans. The 3rd and heaviest weights were probably used when the bigger 240 engine was added on 65-57 models changing the center of gravity. Maybe like the middle weight(150) was then used on vans and heaviest(175) on pickups if you follow me. Supervans weigh more *behind* the rear axle so no weight is needed as the body is 18 inches longer and heavier. The weight aids in braking and helps prevent nose dives.
The larger tank wont help you any when it runs low on gas and gets lighter which may be exactly when you need that extra added traction in a panic stop.
Im removing the weight from my van but ONLY because the bed Im building will weigh more than the weight itself so it will compensate for it at all times.

Author:  PurpleTeamCruzer [ Thu May 21, 2009 8:35 pm ]
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i know that weight of the gas will play a big part but when i said my new tank it bullet proof...its 1/8th in thick and 3/16th inch thick steel plate. the gas tank alone will wind up weighing 70 to 80 lbs by itself.

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