my gull wing econline install :) (pics)
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Author:  PurpleTeamCruzer [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:44 pm ]
Post subject:  my gull wing econline install :) (pics)

So a couple months ago i thought it would be cool to take my side doors, weld them together, cut the old hinges off and hinge it at the top so it would open up like a hatch back. I think it would be great to have the door act as a shield to help keep out sunlight while hanging out at the beach or while camping.

well, today was the day to operate...

first step was to remove the door straps....and if i was smart, the 2 screws on the side of the door handle assembly...you know, the 2 that you can only get to when the door is open. :( After that i tack welded some bracing to keep the 2 door from shifting. I was smart enough to only latch the inside door and keep the outside door handle up or open because it would not have cleared the temporary angle iron.


Next was to cut the hinges. i tried to simply cut the heads off of the hinge pins and pound them out but they weren't budging. so after a couple of minutes with the cut off wheel i was past the point of no return..


Next was to re enforce the inside. I did that by cutting at welding a 3 inch wide strip of sheet metal across the gap.


Now for the hinges...i spent a lot of time looking for the right, strong sturdy hinge...and my travels led me to Home Depot lol...they had to be the right thickness to fit in between the door and body. I picked out 6 of them to help distribute the load. I think they will be plenty strong. they also have a teflon liner or washer in between the 2 parts of the hinges so there is no slop in the hinge pin. a rattling door would drive me crazy. here is a pic of the hinges. i simply bolted them to the doors with 1/4 bolts.


Now came the hard part, trying to wrestle the door into place, get some screws started , then carefully open the door so i can drill and get some 2.5 inch long 1/4 bolts in.

whaa laaaa...


I still have to fab up the latch at the bottom. finish filling/welding the gap on the out side of the door and weld in some sheet metal where the old hinges used to be. Im really pleased with the outcome, all the sleepless night wondering how i would do this..or do that has all payed off.


I will post more pics later of the latch set up and how the hinges bolt to the body.


Author:  Bill W [ Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:16 am ]
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Nice job! Vic. glad to see people using this site.

Author:  PurpleTeamCruzer [ Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:59 pm ]
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thank you.

here are a couple pics of the gas struts. takes alot of force to compress them so i made what i think will be strong enough mounts. just one strut will easily hold the door open. but i wanted to run 2 struts to keep the door from tweaking over time. with 2 struts its almost hard to close. but i would rather it be hard to close than hard to open.

first pic is of the lower gas strut mount. a couple sheet metal screws and a couple of bolts and nuts to hold it in place.


here is a pic of the 2 struts and a close up of the upper strut. its a 90 degree angle iron. the 3 countersunk allen head bolts go through the sheet metal. behind it are fender washers and nylon lock bolts to hold it all together.


next i have to work on the latch. it looks like its going to be one center at the bottom. i think that will be strong enough. the problem with the sides is that the area around the door is boxed sheet metal so getting a nice strong, adjustable mount for the striker pin will be difficult.

i ll post more pics later..


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